Payam Shoe Manufacturing Company has been established to produce high quality products in order to reach global markets. Thanks to its experienced managers, designers, staff and workers, the company has the potential to compete at local and foreign arenas. So far, the company has managed to cover all cities of the neighboring countries. The instep of the shoes is made from the best natural and synthetic materials while the sole of our products are generally made of PU and sometimes PVC & EVA. At the production section, all the equipment is imported from Italy, all of which are in conformity with global standards. The company does its best to use high quality materials and at the same time bring the cost price of the products to the lowest possible, so that they can be used by all people. We make use of the mast advanced engineering techniques, which is reflected in our products. We have attained success in the field we have been active so far and that is why we have int ed to target the whole world. Innovation, Invention & Initiative Setting up data flow system, import of up-to-data shoe industry machineries from industrial countries like Germany and Italy, efforts to lunch joint ventures with major rivals (like China), transfer of technology, launching joint ventures to produce low price production with high quality and to narrow the gap for export competition at different countries, creating job opportunities and competing with low price and low quality imported shoes are among innovative plans of the company. Expanding external bureaus and setting up sales offices are among other plans of the company.